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About The Webinar

Key Takeaways from this Webinar:

  • Discover a highly-ranked technical university
  • Learn more about our vast range of Architecture, Design and Engineering Programmes
  • Find out more about our international student community
  • Discover why the employability rate of our students is so high
  • Ask questions directly to the university representatives!

Who is Politecnico Di Milano?

Politecnico di Milano, based in Italy, specializes in the fields of Architecture, Design, and Engineering. Recognized as the top university in the country and consistently ranked among the world’s top 20 technical universities, it embodies excellence in education.

With over 40 MSc and 20 PhD. programmes available in English, Politecnico di Milano offers a diverse and captivating educational experience for students from across the globe. Its international allure makes it an attractive destination for those seeking cutting-edge knowledge.

Years of fruitful collaborations with both local and international companies have paved the way for Politecnico di Milano graduates to embark on remarkable careers even before completing their studies.

Gabriele Farina
International Recruitment Unit

Ryan Richard Wise

Ryan is current student of Electronics Engineering in Milan and will graduate soon

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