Get inspired by your Peers: Choose Milan for your international study experience!

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About The Webinar

Top Key Takeaways from the Webinar:

  • Learn about the diverse study opportunities at Politecnico di Milano.
  • Get your questions about costs and scholarships answered.
  • Receive tips on the application process.
  • Discover the high employability rate of our alumni.
  • Connect with university representatives and students.

Who is Politecnico Di Milano?

Politecnico di Milano is a technical university based in Italy, offering programmes in Architecture, Design and Engineering. It is ranked the best university in the country and among the best 20 in the world in the technical fields. It offers more than 40 Msc and 20 Phd programmes in English, which makes it an interesting destination for students from all over the world. Moreover, the successful relatoin with local and international companies built in years of cooperation gives the graduates the opportunity to start a brilliant career even before graduation.

Meet Sandra, a student from Colombia, who shares her insights on the international community at Politecnico di Milano:

“Politecnico di Milano gives you the opportunity to create an international community, where you learn and share with people from all continents, with whom you exchange ideas and open your world view, appreciating diversity and learning to work/cooperate in an international environment.”

Join us for the webinar to learn more about Politecnico di Milano and how to apply.

Chiara Mambretti
International Recruitment Manager

Sandra Ximena Rodriguez Veloza

Grégoire Titouan Germain
Current student of Politecnico di Milano Msc in Design & Engineering

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