Learn from Art and Design Pros: Make your dreams a reality with ACA University!

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About The Webinar

Top 5 reasons to join our webinar: 

  • Located in San Francisco, California.
  • Helps students to get great jobs in art and design with competitive portfolios.
  •  Instructors are industry professionals in the classes that they teach.
  •  Small class sizes which allows for peer to peer learning .
  • International recognition which will help you with further job applications in the sector.

The “Academy of Art University’s recipe for success”, means that students create professional portfolios which open doors to the art and design job market.  During this webinar we will showcase student work and alumni success.

Since 1929, artists and designers have called Academy of Art University their home. Founded in San Francisco and family owned, it is one of the largest private, accredited art and design colleges in the world. We are first and foremost a professional school—a specialized college that helps students master their skills as they prepare for professional roles as artists and designers. Our hands-on, no-nonsense curriculum is taught by some of the finest artists and designers working in today’s creative and innovative industries. They help students develop their talents and acquire the necessary skills sought by the creative marketplace. All are welcome here. Our inclusive admissions policy is rare among art schools. We’ve found that our students’ potential doesn’t depend on their past elsewhere, but on their future with us.

Sue Rowley
Executive Vice President