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About The Webinar

Are you ready to start your journey with Germany’s largest university?

Discover IU International University of Applied Sciences’s, exceptional potential, combining accredited & globally recognized online and on-campus degrees with diverse scholarship opportunities.

No matter your circumstances, IU ensures access to quality education for all. Join our FREE webinar and learn more about how to study at IU International University of Applied Sciences.

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • Online study options with a comprehensive list of BA, MA, & specialized MBA degree programs
  • Fully-flexible study modes to suit your educational needs
  • Elevate your digital learning experience & get on the road to success
  • What to do after completing your studies? (Visa options & more)

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Astha Bhatt
Study Advisor

I am Astha, Study Advisor for Online and Campus studies, at IU University of Applied Sciences . I am associated with IU since one and a half years now. In alignment with IU's mission to create inclusive, global, and wholly accessible education, it gives me immense sense of pride, achievement and happiness being the medium to prepare students in various modes of studies irrespective of whether they are career starters or experienced professionals.

Monica Cruz
Student Advisor

My name is Mónica, I‘m a Study Advisor for Online Courses at IU. I’m Portuguese and living in Germany for almost 2 years. Besides loving being with friends and family, I believe my work and presenting webinars is very important. I work as Student Advisor for 1 year and a half and it is very satisfying guiding our candidates through our bright offers and possibilities, making their dreams come true and being the voice of IU. I have a phrase that characterizes me which is: Go with the flow. The world is our oyster and we do inside it what we think makes us happier. I’m just an ordinary person with an extraordinary dream.